Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Second Most Important Election in 2012...

Today, voters in Wisconsin will very likely play a large role in the outcome of November's political outcomes.

If Scott Walker survives the recall bid brought by unions throughout the state (and nationwide), it may serve as a sign that President Obama's position in the fall election is far weaker than the Democrats suspect.

Walker is ahead in practically every poll taken, and will hopefully prevail over the Milwaukee mayor.  No surprise, the Obama camp has deliberately distanced themselves from this election, fearing to catch cooties from the unfavorable results.

There have been some rumors that the White House political team and the DNC very specifically did NOT want this recall effort to occur, as every dollar spent is one less dollar that they will have to spend on the general election.  And they will likely need every dollar.  But the union leaders would have none of it, believing that Wisconsin could serve as a catalyst for other anti-union legislation.

Regardless of the outcome (and I am obviously pulling for Walker), it is nice to have the D's on the defensive for a change.