Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Presidential Debates...

I originally posted this on Facebook, but thought it worthwhile to share here as well.

So far, 5 different people have asked what I thought of the debates last night. Truth be told, I didn't watch. And ask yourself if you were one of the 100,000,000 people that watched: what were you expecting? Why were you watching?

Are you one of those types that watches sports for the injuries / disasters? Do you watch reality TV for drama and the least common denominator and the vapid emotional draw?

From everything that I have seen and heard, there was exactly nothing said or done that wasn't already expected and predicted by pretty much everyone. I guess one of them could have collapsed on stage, but apart from that (and the Trump Sniffles and the Clinton Swaying), it was everything that I expected (and I assume that you expected) to see.

For the record: they are both terrible. Both lie as a rule. Both are as narcissistic as a person can be. Both represent the worst in humanity, and I am embarrassed for all of us that we will have one of them as the next President.

So watching the debates? I choose not to contribute to the erosion of our public discourse. I refuse to support either by watching their ads or speeches or debates. I refuse to lower myself, my political influence, and my personal self respect by acknowledging anything associated with either of them.